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Nanette Hayles
Featured Artist - El Calendario de Todos Santos, December 1999

nanette haylesNanette Hayles was born in New York City, and raised in Southern California. An extremely private and introspective artist, she finds serenity for her work in Todos Santos, located on the Baja Peninsula in Mexico. She earned degrees from the University of California at Santa Barbara and an advance degree from Berkeley. Inspired by the beauty of the Greek / Roman mosaics, she discovered her unique signature "Paper Mosaic Tile" technique.

Her works include a wide range of imagery and scale using minute torn paper tiles to form the mosaic compositions. Her pieces include an on-going series of related works. One of her series is the "Icon Series," in which cultural and historical figures with special significance are portrayed. Some of her inspirations include: Albert Einstein, Dahlia Lama, Frida Kahlo, Sitting Bull, Pablo Picasso and Nelson Mandela. She feels that these "Icons" pay homage to the light of human / God consciousness. Other series in progress are: Mexican and Caribbean Architectural Interiors and Exteriors, Mona Locas, Favorite Flowers, Abstracts, Baja Fish, and Latin Revolutionaries. Recent works have extended her imagination to investigate a growing interest and fascination of self-expression into other forms of media which include: oil painting, furniture design and painting, ceramic tile mosaics, and welded metal frame making.

"In the solitude of my studio, I spend many peaceful hours creating work with delicate tiny tiles. The subtlety of this technique replicates my experience of life. Each creation requires a time consuming series of steps made with intention and respect, as with each goal in life is a process, eventually creating something much larger than the sum of those tiny steps."

Nanette's works are in private collections throughout Europe, North America and Japan. Original works and museum quality posters are available at the Galería / Studio de N.E. Hayles. Her pieces can also be viewed at Galería de Todos Santos and Barking Dog Gallery in San Jose del Cabo.

Jill Logan
Featured Artist - El Calendario de Todos Santos, April 1999

jill loganJill was born and raised in Logan, Utah. She takes her professional name from her home town. She has always had an art influence in her life; her grandmother was an artist who painted western scenes. Jill studied art at the University of Utah; the University of California, Irvine; the Art Center Pasadena and at the Santa Fe Institute of Fine Arts.

Her painting career was put on hold when she started a family. Thirteen years ago, she began painting seriously again. She launched her career as a professional artist with her "Italian series" while continuing to raise her three children.

Jill first came to Todos Santos 1995, alone, to paint and write. In two weeks she wanted to go home, in six weeks it felt like it was home. In June 1998 Jill returned to Todos Santos to live and opened her gallery, Galería Logan, in August.

Jill paints in acrylics and oils. She has created many series including: European hillsides, trees, women as angels, and women in tropical environments. Jill's paintings are started by collecting pictures and combining them as a collage. She then creates a story as a painting and plays with the mood. Jill says that she combines the elements "…to deliver impact and emotion from the depth of my desire to speak." She infuses strong soul energy into her paintings, which is expressed through color and movement.

"The last thing I am interested in is duplicating what I see. I am far more interested in what I "feel." What, for instance, stirs me in the Italian Countryside, walking in the rain, receiving a tulip from a farm woman, is the grace of beauty and heart touching that comes with embracing nature and man as all beings alive with emotion and soul. What I want to duplicate or express is an emotion or feeling, that I get either from a place, object or from some deep recess of my own soul." - Jill Logan.

Margaret McGall
Featured Artist - El Calendario de Todos Santos, April 2002

margaret mcgallBorn in 1932 and raised in New Jersey. B.S. in Biology, Bates College, Maine. M.D., New York Medical College, New York. Board Certified in Psychiatry / Neurology. Private practice and hospital work in Colorado and California.

Margaret combined raising a family and her medical career until she retired in 1985. She then took off with her husband, Bill, cruising in their sailboat. They settled in Todos Santos in late 1986.

Her "second career" in art began as a hobby of Tole painting / folk art while still working as a psychiatrist. Margaret recalls being a "visual learner," preferring to learn technical subjects through sketches and diagrams rather than memorizing texts. She always found joy in producing hand crafted clothing and gifts. Her affinity for sunlight and the outdoors, along with a passion for vibrant colors and dramatic lighting, continue today.

For several years in Todos Santos, Margaret was known as "the lady who painted tin cans." This gradually expanded to ceramic tiles (Baja sets and murals). Local workshops and homestudy expanded her repertoire in ceramics, drawing and painting. An extensive two week watercolor class in Guadalajara was the driving force behind her April 1998 exhibit at Galería El Guayabate. Previous works were shown in local art fairs and at the Galería de Todos Santos.

"Thank God for eyes to see
hands to draw
heart to cherish
And a soul to keep in touch with my maker."
- Margaret McGall

Todos Santos is located on the Tropic of Cancer in the southern portion of the Baja Peninsula in Mexico just one hour north of Cabo San Lucas and one hour south of La Paz. Long known as a cultural, artistic and agricultural center, the town is a desert oasis, 1 kilometer from the Pacific Ocean at the foothills of the Sierra de La Laguna mountains. Since the mid 1980's, the area has become a tourist/retirement destination and home to numerous art galleries and artists.

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